Friedrich Boell was born 1982 in Wesel and grew up in Xanten, Germany.
He moved to Berlin 2001 to study Information Technology and Networked Systems.
Instead of completing his studies, he gained life experience and began with some artistic experiments.

He left the city in 2005 to begin training as an IT systems electronics in Remscheid.
During the next 10 years he worked in IT service and got to know the mountains of electronic scrap behind the flashing digital facade.
The awareness of this socially generated resource and the attempt to understand it from a technical point of view drove him from now on increasingly around.
He began to think about the modification and contextualization of everyday objects and the technologies used in them.
The primary use of found material was driven by these considerations.
In 2015 he began studying media arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.
Here he deals with technologies such as reverse engineering, 3D printing, 3D modeling and works in the field of robotics.
He also became acquainted with the works of artistic role models such as Peter Vogel and Jenny Holzer.
In 2019 he took part in a study exchange program to Bogotá in Colombia.
In addition, he has been involved in non-professional electronic music production, digital image processing and computer-generated graphics since 1996.