Cracktro in Conrete

2019, Sound-Installation

Material: Concrete, Acrylic, Microchip, Transducer

This is the Cracktro by Kabcorb
The Installation Consists of a Cube made out of Concrete. Hidden inside is a Microchip connected to an Amplifier. The Chips plays Back a Chiptune Song via a Transducer which stimulates the Concrete Block so it emits Sound. The Electronics are completely encapsulated inside the concrete, similar to the Sound which is burned into the Chip.
The Chiptune in this particular case is a so called Cracktro, written as an Intro for an Application Crack.
Even Nobody might ever notice, but the Sound is not just simply played back - it is synthesized in Realtime by the Microchip. It also cannot be changed until the Block might be cracked open to reprogram the chip.
In this Way also on of the epic Tunes which have nearly disappeared in our times reach their place in eternity.
Important Resource where this Project is based on:

Mod Player for Arduino by JakkoPFC *Simply Amazing*